Garbagehands EP

by Oranga Tanga

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released May 19, 2016

recorded, mixed, & mastered @ The Zone Productions by Mark Brasel




Oranga Tanga West Melbourne, Florida

Strange stirrings are reported from the jungle. A breeze swirls the atmosphere like a nun stirs her morning coffee. The smell of drums is heavy in the air, like a remembered punch. The natives, never ones to contemplate these things, are restless and getting restlesser. There is no unrestlesting the restlesserification of… this is where the doctor said I should stop writing. ... more

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Track Name: Blackhole
The starlight sparkled at the moment
when navigation found the hole
Computer displayed all the findings
right upon the ship’s console

They stalled in deep space at the moment
half a million miles away
“Calculate event horizon!”
Engineers heard captain say

Calculations flashed
developing their path to take
then at once upon the cockpit
did appear their path in space

Then the captain gave the order
and the crew prepared their fate
generating their protection
with synthetic gravity

Now the ship with its protection
that also served as its engine
pulled the spacecraft to the blackhole
Crew silently strapped in

As their path led them closer
the warp in time started to show
it affected the good captain
and his consciousness’ hold

“Mother, please aprove of me!”, captain let out the cry
“I may not be Jesus Christ but I’m alright!
We must all be inside as the outside moves so fast!”
His inner time was blending his future with his past

Observed from a telescope they’d calculated wrong
Spacecraft was shown frozen but they were alright
Never came to be crushed as Hawking had foretold
They made through unnoticed through the treacherous blackhole
Track Name: City rat
I’m a city rat. I need cheese
I make my house out of
Popsicle sticks and old magazines
But what I really really need
is you to let me be – with Thee indeed

Wooden wall warped and wet
Walk on wire it wiggles while I walk
Welp at the whittled wire saying,
“Wow. Whittled AND wet!!” – ZOT!
It brings me to a higher place up above
See you standing there
through a whole near the stove

Marry me. Feed me and care for me
Put me in a cage in your house

When you’re sleeping I sleep with you
I share your breath when you breathe
When you shower I sit and watch you
When you leave from your mug I drink

I can taste you in the swept crumbs
When you speak I hear it sung
In your cage we could be happy
We could live forever in love
Track Name: Garbagehands
Granddad was the ladies man
The attache who grandma canned
North American family trends
Resonated sadly on Rio’s sands

Uncle with prosthetic leg
A taxi made his metal peg
He bragged about the time up his nose and down the hatch
And now he pushes daisies after licking his pain patch


Big brother lived a dichotomy
A right wing wacko with a leftist personality
Walked a walk and talked a talk
AM lines poisoned FM thoughts

Little brother wore a leash
Mother taught him to be a beast
Trust was only used in jest
and he just got out of juvi for stealing cigarettes


Mother sauced away the tears
Until the sauce provided tears
Then she traded sauce for pills
Then she mixed the sauce and pills

Daddy thought she was the best
Daughter was royal princess
Now he roots through the garbage
To check results of the pregnancy test

Track Name: Marabunta
There are over 50 species of nomadic ant on this planet.
These are the so-called army ants,
And they’re nomadic because
Unlike the ants in your backyard,
They don’t live in a hole in the ground.
These ants roam, millions strong.
Swarming over hundreds of thousands of insects and small animals
In a single day.
Killing and devouring most of them.
In Brazil, they call their local army ant
The Marabunta.


We had been traveling up the Amazon for two weeks
And had left our canoes on the shore three days before
We were cutting our way through the jungle
A solid wall of green before us
When we came across a trail,
Sliced into the ground
Straight and brown,
Like a dirt laser.
The native guides came to a halt.

They whispered…


The guides could choose to not continue.
They had that choice, they had that luxury.
I did not.
I would have to make it to my destination
Paquinho took me aside.
He gave me a gun.
“For the marabunta” he said.
A gun? What good is a gun
Against an army of ants?
I flipped open the barrel.

There was only one bullet.


Te van ha seguir…
Te van a picar!
Te van a comer!!
Te van a matar!!!
Track Name: My pet vulture
I have a vulture for a pet and he lives on a telephone pole
You can see him in the sky above me
Soaring on those sexy warm thermals
I never feed him directly [no no no]
They clean up after me [yo yo yo]
Sometimes I start to feel nervous [so so so]
my vulture’s getting hungry

When It’s time to be fed
His cavity growls
And I can smell the dead
My pet vulture loves a three dog night

Aloft and soaring
hardly flapping their wings
Never joining to sing
They’ve got no syrinx

Cathartes aura is a carrion crow
unrelated to the world of old
It looks the same, but only because
convergent evolution, or so I’m told
I never feed them directly [no no no]
They clean up after me [yo yo yo]
Sometimes I start to feel guilty [so so so]
The population’s growing

When It’s time to be fed
His cavity growls
And I can smell the dead
My pet vulture is out of sight

Now I’m old and aging
They circle above me
and as I drift into sleep
I hear him hissing

I awaken to light
as my dinner guests fly away